Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Keys to Creating a Home Library

BOOKS can be a source of entertainment, a resource for information, or a doorway to another world.  They can enlighten, educate and inspire.   BOOKS are incredible treasures.

For those who love and cherish the written word as I do, a home LIBRARY, however small, is as much a necessity as it is a luxury.

In my home LIBRARY, I started with the basic staples;  a comfortable reading chair, good lighting, and a cabinet to house (a small portion of) my BOOK collection.

Artwork, silk draperies, and a cozy throw in serene shades of french blue, set the mood for a few stolen moments lost deep inside the pages of a favorite novel.  

In this well appointed LIBRARY, the extensive collection of BOOKS are displayed behind glass, their leather covers protected from dust and sun damage.
This home LIBRARY is anchored by a pedestal table, offering an additional surface to display BOOKS and sculptural accessories.

A LIBRARY can be easily integrated into an existing home office.  The eclectic mix of furnishings and artfully displayed collections add to the exotic elegance of this space.    

These BOOKS have been wrapped in white linen, creating a cohesive colour scheme in this sophisticated space.  The display is primarily decorative, as the covered spines prevent one from perusing the BOOK titles in search of that perfect 'read'.

BOOKS are stacked and displayed amongst family pictures throughout these charming built-ins, adding warmth and personality to the landing in this beautiful home.     

BOOKS are as priceless as any fine work of art.  Write them into your own design story, and embrace the warmth and richness that they will undoubtedly add to your home. 


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