Friday, September 9, 2011

Awe-Inspiring Canopy Beds

A classic and beautiful canopy bed has been a dream of mine since childhood, and my infatuation has only intensified with each passing year.

Whether sleek and streamlined, or rich and ornate, a canopy bed adds instant architecture, character and style to a bedroom.   

Simple, unadorned canopy frames are quiet and unassuming,  tastefully enhancing the design style of the soft and serene spaces shown below.

Their slender profile provides the sense of a canopy without the addition of visual weight.

The scrolled headboard and bone plated frame of this canopy bed adds height and dimension without detracting from the beautiful wallpaper.

Traditionally styled bedrooms provide the perfect setting for a canopy with luxurious, flowing fabrics...

As well as gracious four poster beds, beautifully embellished with elegant and elaborate carvings.

A vaulted ceiling easily accommodates the scale of this enchanting bed frame, creating a charmingly rustic and romantic retreat.

Mirrored bed frames add sparkle and sophistication, intensifying the chic and glamorous design style of these next two spaces.

The antique mirrored finish of the custom canopy adds an ageless appeal to this Hollywood Regency influenced bedroom.

This handsome, tailored bedroom is given an industrial edge by incorporating a sleek and contemporary canopy molded from raw, burnished metal.

A striking canopy bed exemplifies this bedroom's gender-neutral design style, skillfully mixing masculine, linear elements with lyrical, more feminine details.

This regal canopy bed is ideally suited for a princess-perfect bedroom draped in rich velvets and delicate brocades. 

When redecorating our master bedroom earlier this year, my inspiration file became filled with beautiful canopy beds.

Our modest space (and budget) didn't allow for this coveted addition, but, a girl can still dream of someday having a grand and elegant bedroom, complete with an amazing and awe-inspiring canopy bed.

Which style of canopy bed appeals to your personal design esthetic?


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