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Want a front-row seat at your own movie theater?


If you are interested in re-creating the movie experience at home, then look no further!

Grab some popcorn and curl up with your favorite flick and this cozy throw. 

Achieve a "movie theater" experience in your own home and now let us go on a fun adventure.



Hollywood - wall decal, sticker, murals - variety of sizes and color choices

Let your Movie themed rooms transport you to the bright lights of Hollywood's Tinseltown.

Bring the alluring night sky indoors with our custom Star Ceiling Panel unit. Offered with white or color illuminated stars, an optional shooting star feature and a 4" capped trim, the Star Ceiling Panel unit is an absolute necessity for any home theater!

Whether you opt for a lavish old Hollywood theme style movie room or a more modern style approach, there are still  a few factors to consider before starting the fun project ....

Design considerations for your home theater/media/cinema rooms
 - furnishings, comfort, setting up entertainment spaces, get-togethers,  - while factoring in style, functionality, new technology, acoustic planning, soundproofing, lighting, and environmental and personal health considerations.

Decorate your star-studded cinema with Hollywood themed accessories - 
Film rolls  -   Film reels  -  movie cameras  -  movie clapboards  -  spotlights  -  director's chairs  -  neon lighting  -  boas  -  top hats  -  popcorn machines  -


 Reel wall decorations - variety of styles

Add a touch of Hollywood realism to your movie theater decor

Personalize your media room...... Have a custom Home Theater sign with your name

Custom Name Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art 44" By 20"











 If on a budget .... you don't need to spend a massive fortune on cinema curtains ..... shop around

Velvet Blackout Curtain Panels

The rich velvet texture of these window panels provide a grand luxurious look for your home movie theater.

This home theater curtain reduces heat and light in warm weather and insulates to keep out cold during winter months.

The velvet window panels are available in two sizes and a range of colors that include black, chocolate, burgundy/red wine and olive green.

These drapes are made in China. They are 100 percent Cotton with a 100 percent Acrylic backing.

Make sure you purchase enough curtain panels so that is gives the ruffle affect.

Then just sit back and enjoy the movie!

Scatter a few movie themed throw pillows and movie themed throw blankets around the room for a splash of color


Home Theater throw blankets - variety of styles to choose from

Theatrical Throw Pillows add just the right touch to your home theater seats! These stylish pillows are available in 5 different movie-motifs for the film lover in you! This design features a stream of movie Stars.

Home Theater throw Pillows - variety of styles to choose from

An old style filmstrip featuring class cinema motifs is featured in this 7 panel panoramic mural. Images such as a film trophy and camera fill this faux movie reel, along with realistic film perforations and audio sync lines on the bottom. Spanning 10.5-Feet wide and 4-Feet tall this artistic mural is perfect for any film buff, movie room, or wall that need a little extra flare.

Decorate the home movie rooms with fun movie themed wall decals

variety of wall decals - variety of wall decal sizes - variety of wall decal themes

                                                      Film Countdown wall decals
                                                      Popcorn wall decals
                                                      Movie themed wall decals
                                                      Filmstrip wall decals

Movie Snack Table Lamp

What a fun lamp to light up the home cinema with!

 Lets add a few unique movie themed  furniture pieces into our fun filled home theater setting

Cinema End Table - Filmstrip End Table

Here is a great looking movie themed end table that will be a complement to your home theater! The black steel sides with their perforated movie film design is instantly recognizable by film buffs. 



These  fun and unique accent tables will add character to a home theater room,  screening room or a Hollywood themed room.




Reel Glass Accent Tables

The base is crafted from metal in a rustic brown finish and the top is a movie film reel covered with a glass top.

Rear Illuminated Poster Case

Give your home an authentic movie theater feel with this rear illuminated poster case. With a variety of color options you will be able to customize it to suit your needs perfectly.
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Rear illuminated
  • Fits standard movie poster
  • Door with lock
  • Comes with Coming Soon and Now Showing dater
  • Screws into your wall studs, or brick / masonry surface

Create the Hollywood glam at home


 Fun wall decorations
for the movie themed rooms

 Film Strip Mirrors

variety of sizes

 Decorate the home cinema walls with fun movie themed metal wall art

Home Theater Decor Hollywood, Camera and Clapboard Metal Wall Art

Cinema Word on Movie Projector Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art

Home Theater Decor Movie Reel and Film 21" Metal Wall Art

Home Theater Marquee Its Showtime Metal Wall Art Decor

 Dedicate a wall just for the Hollywood Legends

 Marilyn Monroe Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art
Charlie Chaplin Home Theater Decor Metal Wall Art
Zorro Metal Wall Art Movie and Home Theater Decor
Indiana Jones Metal Wall Art Home Theater Decor

 Decorate the home cinema walls with fun movie themed metal wall art 

- metal wall art  - custom sizes and paint colors are available on request-


 Decorate a sitting nook with movie themed posters

The life-size posters stand over 6 feet tall and are mounted to heavy duty cardboard. The  standups come to you folded and are easily assembled. They are great for mounting to a wall or door, or can be displayed free standing with the included easel.
  • Gone with the Wind standup
  • James Dean standup
  • Marilyn Monroe standup
  • Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffanys standup
  • Dean Martin standup and many more to choose from
Another idea - stick them to the walls and add panels around them to look like large frames. Make for great lifesize art work.

Fun decorative accent pieces to showcase in the media/movie/game room. Unique decorative accessory, ideal prop for the movie or photography buff.

Vintage movie reel camera statue

There's nothing in the world like the smell and taste of fresh, theater-style hot buttered popcorn. A must have piece of novelty decadence for any movie aficionado.

This beautiful antique style popcorn machine brings back the fun feel of yesteryear, back to a time when you could buy a bag of hot buttery popcorn for only 5 cents.

The Funtime Carnival Style Popcorn Poppers are a great addition to any game room or home movie theater room. Great way to enjoy theater style popcorn in the comfort of your own home. mmmmm POPCORN!

Popcorn Machines - variety of styles, sizes and prices

Nostalgia combined with new technology!

The newest interior design trend is adding vinyl art on interior walls. It's easier than hiring an artist and a lot cheaper.

Accent the movie themed rooms with wall decals and metal art

Every home theater room needs an usher and usherette .....

Home Theater Decor Usher Woman Metal Wall Art

Home Theater Decor Usher Man Metal Wall Art

Dress the  movie themed rooms with formal Opera style curtains

Theater Stage front backdrop Austrian Curtain Drape

Velvet or silky crushed fabrics mostly used in stage curtains with lots of color options. 


 Whether you go high end or are on a modest budget, you can still achieve a fun media room, with a little imagination and creativity you too can have the feel of the cinema at home.

Bring the grand old opera into your living room with a little  Moulin Rouge style

Accented with plush velvet fabrics in deep reds and splashes of gold will give you the feeling of old.

Saaria Home theater  Curtain Drapes for your Movie screen click here

Tour homes where owners have invested in their own private Shangri-Las, from upgraded entertainment rooms to full-out theater experiences complete with popcorn machines. See bars ranging from simple corner counters to sports bars complete with multiple viewing screens and billiard tables, along with wine cellars, tasting rooms, and indoor pools.  This book is filled with some fabulous photos! to help you with your creative design ideas for your home theater.

Pull up a seat for a colorful tour of sound-proofed, silver-screened retreats fit for movie stars, Starship commanders, and sultans. Take an ultra-privileged tour through some of today's finest high-tech homes, where room-by-room sensors and touch-pad controls put lighting, sound, temperature, and security at your command. Watch screens descend or ascend from unexpected hiding places, projectors appear, and windows disappear in James-Bond-like mechanical transitions. And enjoy flat-screen and plasma entertainments in the most unexpected places: shower stalls, pool rooms, home sports bars, and more. This is the only book that offers an inside look at the ultimate techie fantasies, culminating in today's hottest home trend -- more than 80 dedicated home theaters. Many of these fantasy rooms were drawn straight out of sci-fi, classic films, and even Westerns, embodying the fantasy of Hollywood. Others are to-die-for interiors created by designers in today's hottest styles. Visit basement hideaways that deliver the ultimate theater experience, while doubling as hurricane shelters. There are also bedrooms, playrooms, garages, and even attics that have been remodeled into state-of-the-art theaters and media rooms. Included are equipment lists for many of the projects, and discussions about the art of wiring, and advice on choosing a professional to help you transform your home. This is a lip-smacking look at a luxury that is becoming an increasingly popular domestic investment. Packed with dazzling, mind-blowing pictures of home theater systems and media/rec rooms, the book is sure to inspire and excite movie enthusiasts, architects, and designers looking for insight to the hi-tech world of electronic homes.


Available in various Designs and different Sizes and Colors



 Theater - EXIT Sign Media room door curtains. 


Personalize your theater with your logo, signature or sign




Velvet Home Theater Movie Studio Curtain

Indulge in the wonders of home entertainment - and immerse yourself in surround sound  and bring your movies to life. The home theater experience you've been waiting for!

Hollywood party decorations can also add a touch of the glitz and glam.

If money is no object .... then the possibilities are endless .... you are only limited my your imagination!

Nothing screams lavish delight more than an all fully decked out themed room ....  aaaah I can smell the dollars and scents now!  I think I am choking a little, ecccchhhuh.....  mmm. ...  the cents have overpowered me.

To the man cave Batman ......


Lets sail the seven seas      -  or  -    lets walk the plank 

..... what does your budget allow???

These out of this world themed movie rooms were created by Elite Home Theater Seating

I will need to dive for some humungous treasure finds,  so I too can be the master of my ship .... err  home theater room

The force be with you ..... and your wallet ..... or in my case .... just beam me up scotty!

No need to leave home to go to the opera

or just keep it simple and relaxed!  aaaaaah!

 Lifestyles today are often defined by hectic schedules, and more and more people want a special room in their own home where they can relax and enjoy their leisure time. And with the sophisticated technology and wide range of products -- including plasma TVs, home theater, game stations, and surround sound -- now available to the general public, any room can be transformed into an incredibly fun and engaging space.

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