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The magical world of fairies is a source of endless fascination for children.

Design an enchanting Fairy Forest bedroom for your little girl, tween girl or teen girl to dream and play ... in her very own fantasy world
filled with  fairies, unicorns, wizards and dragons.

Children love the mythical creatures and characters found in cartoons and children's storybooks. If you're looking for the perfect decorations for your child's room, consider decorating it in a fantasy theme, complete with colorful fairy fantasy wall murals.

For a personalized look in the room, create your own murals .... dress the children in fancy costumes, take a picture, and visit  ... Murals Your Way

Gorgeous mural and bedroom, great for any fairy-obsessed girl that's looking for a unique room.

Pretty sugarplum fairy bedding from girls fairy

Fantasy murals from murals your way

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An amazing unicorn mural, great for all ages, especially for those girls who were promised a pony but never got one. (I'm still waiting for mine.)

A cute fairy-themed room for younger girls who'd love to have fairy friends in their room with them.

Adorable fairy bedding from girls fairy bedding, with cute colors in shades of  purples and pinks.

A cute little fairy bed.

Fairy bedding from girls fairy bedding.


Fairy forest bedroom filled with a rainbow of color.

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An amazing themed room for those who love fairies, castles, flowers, sparkles and just about anything in that genre! A fun themed room that any girl would love!

Another great idea for fairy bedrooms is to make your girl at home and give it a personalized look with a self portrait mural. Dress them in their favorite fairy costume, take a picture, and this website will do the rest: Murals Your Way Fantasy and Mythology Murals

Little girls and fairies - they go together like chocolate and peanut butter. If you're looking for a great way to decorate your little girls bedroom, fairy wall murals are a great place to start. Choosing Between Different Large Wall Stickers The Murals Your Way  fairy and angel wall murals selection is huge, and getting your daughter to narrow her choices down won't be easy. Explore hundreds of different images, ranging from tiny pixies floating amongst flowers in a field to cute cherubs painted in Italian renaissance style. You can also find fantasy fairy paintings complete with unicorns or dragons, and little girl angels, dancing in the woods with cute bunnies. Where to Hang Angel Wall Murals Depending on the content of the image, you have a lot of options for using fairy wall murals to decorate your daughter's room. You could make the wall mural look like a large piece of art, and put it on one wall. Or you can enlarge the image to cover the entire wall, from floor to ceiling and corner to corner. Some images work really well on multiple walls, surrounding the bedroom in a fantasy setting. And others might do better up on the ceiling, where your daughter can go to sleep each night.

fairy garden theme bedroom ideas

fairy garden theme bedroom ideas

If it don't move - PAINT IT!

Get creative with the walls of your fairy forest, and transform the room into a  magical fairy land. 
Stamp flowers, stencil fairies, create 3d effects, hot glue silk leaves, add glitter hilites, paint whispy clouds, add a rainbow, glow in the dark stars,
window treatments, a fun castle theme bed

 Accent your little girl's fairytale bedroom with fairy figurines, fairy magnets, fairy prints posters,
 fairy bedding  and  fairy themed murals  and  fairy stickers  and  sparkly star stickers

...... and if you are feeling confident enough to paint your own fairy mural, browse through  
fairy coloring books  for ideas, and use a projetor to get the fairy pictures onto the walls

Make it a fun room for your little girl, tween or teen girl

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