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Tropical beach style bedroom decorating ideas - beach bedrooms - surfer theme rooms - tropical theme Hawaiian style decorating - raffia valance window ideas

Create a leafy tropical beach bedroom or sandy coastal interior

Furnish your amazing tropical paradise with

surfer themed room


Have fun transforming your room into a tropical beach by decorating with
 island theme wall murals.

Transport yourself to another place without leaving the comfort of your own home with rattan furnishings and the cool colors of the sea - who needs to spend money on actually going to tropic beaches when you can just go to your room?

Bring some Hawaiian island serenity to the home or bedroom.
Create your own unique look and use your holiday snap shots as backdrops in your tropical themed bedrooms with made-to-order murals. Create a mural your way!

Create a fake, yet calming and beautiful, window view with your tropical wall mural. By the time you finish the room, you'll be able to smell the sea air.

Get creative with your wall murals as window decorations. With a little imagination, this idea can work for any decorating theme. It'll definitely trick your friends!

Furnish your amazing tropical paradise with

Tropical beach and resort style bedroom ideas are a great idea for teen hangout spaces! Bring the beach indoors. Accessorise with surfboards, raffia, fish and tropical flowers. Great theme for boys, girls and teens of any ages. With scenery like this, they'll definitely be entertained during summer break!

Antique whites and soft blues create a warm coastal living room picture.

Light beige woods, antique white paint, and soft shades of aqua and blue work together to create a harmonious coastal living room picture. Texture also plays an important role in creating a cohesive coastal look - the woven rattan baskets and coarse sisal jute area rug give the space a beachy, natural feel.


surfer dudes beach bedrooms
Decorate with a Tropical ocean feel in your summer bedroom

beach - surfing theme bedrooms

Beach wall murals - surfing wall murals - tropical wall murals - ocean wall murals

surfer themed room

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beach themed bedrooms tropical style

island style living room decorating ideas

Natural textures and leafy greens create a warm and inviting coastal interior.

Wicker, rattan, and bamboo mingle together to create a summery and inviting coastal interior. Accented with green ferns (both in print on the pillows and as a potted plant in the corner) and a sunny yellow wall color, this space has a tropical vibe that just begs to be relaxed in.

Leaves and ferns create a warm coastal ambiance in this dining room.

Natural textures and finishes are the essence of coastal design - think leaves, ferns, rattan, and wicker. This dining room exudes a relaxed coastal feel with its unique lighting - these banana leaf-shaped wall scones and pendants are a must-have for any coastal inspired space!

tropical oasis theme bedrooms

Beach wall murals - surfing wall murals - tropical wall murals - ocean wall murals

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