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Celestial themed - heavenly elements - stars - sun, moon -
decorating ideas

Unique celestial style lighting for the moon stars bedrooms

Blues and gold will add a celestial glow

Celestial themed wallpapers for bedroom walls

DREAMY clouds celestial bedrooms

beautiful starry design creates a cozy atmosphere for the star studded music room

Decorate with glow in the dark stars and moons on ceilings, walls and windows

3D Solar System Wall Art Decor at ababy Moon & Stars Theme section

Explore Space...right in your child's bedroom. Not only is this 3D wall art a fun way to decorate a wall, but it will educate your child all about the magic and mystery of outer space. Going to bed will be an adventure every night. Every piece is made using a designer foam that is durable and light weight, then hand painted with amazing detail that is perfect for your little astronaut. 

Many boys go through a period of time where they love everything that has to do with the stars, the moon and outer space.

Set the outer space theme perfectly in his room with an outer space wall mural. Consider covering the ceiling with a star or nebula wall mural, encouraging your son’s imagination while he lies back on his bed and stares up at the ceiling. Or hang a wall mural image of an inter-galactic planet with a space ship in the foreground on the wall behind his bed, giving him plenty of dreams about exploring the big unknown. This would be especially good if he’s a big Star Wars or Star Trek fan.

Young boys love adventure, which is the theme of the Space Odyssey film. And while most boys won’t have the opportunity to venture into space, with the perfect space-themed wall mural in his bedroom, he will be able to imagine endless adventures and dream about the futuristic journeys he could take skipping from planet to planet in outer space.

Take the space décor one step further by designing a “window” in the room. Instead of cutting a hole in the wall for an actual window, hang a wall mural of a peep view looking into a shuttle cockpit – which shows off all the dials, lights, switches and buttons the astronauts will need to control during liftoff and the flight into space.

Once you have the wall mural installed, enhance the room’s décor with plenty of other space-themed accessories. Bedsheets and blankets, glow-in-the dark stickers, pillows in the shape of the moon or stars – the list is endless for ideas to make the entire bedroom come together.

Dreamy elegance, relaxing and soothing

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