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You can almost smell the molten botanicals and prehistoric smog. The forgotten worlds are brought back to life with extinct creatures roaming around these themed bedrooms. 

 Your little archeologist or dinosaur enthusiast will be filled with delight to be able to sleep surrounded by dinosaurs.

Pterodactyl Flying is hand-crafted of realistic plush. The coat is meticulously cut by hand, never stamped out by machine. Gentle paws and especially soulful eyes and face is lovingly detailed to give the life-like look. Comes with a 'Toys that Teach' tag describing, in detail, the animal's habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of young, and eating habits. Dimensions: 18 - 8/9"L x 31 - 1/2"W x 4"H.

Fun decorations for the dinosaur themed bedrooms - realistic dinosaurs

3d jungle animals - 3d trees   3D Safari Wall Art Decor at ababy

3d dinosaur animals - 3d trees   3D Safari Wall Art Decor at ababy

3D Dinosaur Wall Art Decor
Children have always loved Dinosaurs. Now it's easy to create the Dinosaur themed room of your child's dreams. Large friendly Brachiosaurus & Stegosaurus survey the room. Hand cast and hand painted to achieve stunning detail, from the textures of the skin, to the friendly eyes, these creations are very unique quality wall art. 3D Dinosaurs make decorating simple and dramatic. It will allow you to create a room that will inspire your children's imagination and encourage a lifetime of learning.


Fun and funky, the Dinosaur Headboard is sure to be a hip addition to your childs bedroom. The unique shaped piece fits a twin size bed and packs a large punch to any room. A cool accent that your child is sure to love. Fully upholstered and fully assembled.

Dinosaur bedding for dinosaur themed bedrooms - jungle style, solid color style, dinosaur patterned

more fun dinosaur themed bedroom ideas
Caveman Room
Prehistoric Style
Dinosaur loft style bed
Dinosaurs in the Bedroom

Flintstones Suite  Flintstones Suite guarantees you a Yabadabadoo time, imitation furs in cave-like
interior. Great room for the caveman wanting to get away from it all!

3d jungle animals - 3d trees   3D Safari Wall Art Decor at ababy

Dinosaur Room, on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition

WOW  what an awesome bed, ideal fun furniture for the dinosaur theme bedroom

Sleep in Dino Land!

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