Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Tips For a Beautifully Styled Bookcase

(via BHG)
A utilitarian bookcase can be transformed into a beautiful and personalized display case for your most treasured possessions.  All it takes is a little thoughtful styling.

The space below illustrates the powerful effect of layering.  A desk placed directly in front of a shelving unit adds dimension, while artwork hung vertically on the face of the bookcase create a sense of height.  A generous use of white and pockets of empty shelving beautifully balance the overall display.

(Melanie Turner)

Patterned wallpaper provides a stunning backdrop in this classically styled bookcase.

To prevent the display from appearing too busy, use decor items in neutral tones mixed with a single accent colour, and allow each piece plenty of room to breathe.

(via Haus Design)

A collection of plates add softness to the black books and dark accessories in this elegant built-in.  The repetition of marbled, brown pottery and small, wooden chests shape a cohesive and balanced display.

(Phoebe Howard)

Vintage prints and old leather books mixed with shiny objets d'art give this bookcase a sophisticated, old-world feel.  Notice how the pieces vary in height, and are displayed in multiples of three to create a visually appealing vignette.

(via Atlanta Homes Mag)

Stack books horizontally and vertically on shelves for added interest.  Layer small antiques, sculptural pieces and a few unusual statement pieces in an eye-pleasing arrangement to showcase your art and collectibles.

(via Pinterest)

Lean artwork against the back of your shelves and add interesting decor accessories in front to create the illusion of depth.  Paint the interior of your bookcase in a dark colour for a dramatic effect.

(via Lonny Mag)

Sort books by size and colour and display like-items together for a uniform and understated arrangement.  Consider installing a ladder on a sliding rod to access high shelves.

(via Hello Metro)

Display tiny collectibles in groups to prevent your bookcase from looking cluttered.  Express your unique personality and interests by introducing objects with a similar motif.  Notice the porcelain birds featured on each shelf.    

(via Centsational Girl)

I hope these styling tips help you to design a beautiful bookcase display.  Just take your time, play with different arrangements, and, most importantly, have fun and enjoy the creative process!


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