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Urban theme bedroom ideas - urban bedrooms - Urban skater theme - Urban style decorating skateboarding theme

what is urban style?

a little of city living mixed with creative design

Create the downtown urban vibe

Design your urban themed rooms with weathered brick walls, exposed ceilings, stainless steel furnishings, mix in a touch of Industrial Chic and a little of city sleek style to create your own urban design.

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Street style  Urban Skater Theme for the home


Take a seat at the bustling intersection of high art and industrial design. Artist Boris Bally rescues discarded street signs and reinvents them as eye-catching, sculptural chairs. The geometric form and angular lines of the pieces harken back to the cold simplicity of Scandinavian modernism. But that is contrasted with the bold, brassy rambunctiousness that comes juxtaposing the bright colors and striking text or graphics inherent in these reclaimed materials. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, and comes in a unique combination of colors and graphic design. The artist will provide a photographic proof for you to green light your unique chair before shipping. Visually arresting, joyfully playful and fully functional, Bally's work has been featured in prestigious museums across the country, and can now make its home with you. Handmade in Rhode Island. 

Walk - Don't Walk

There's nothing pedestrian about this chair. Artisan John Carter combines fine art, interior design and social commentary for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. The New York City "Walk/Don't Walk" signs actually work - and a remote control is included to turn them on and off. The legs are made from reconfigured, customized steel street sign brackets, with galvanized, heavy duty self-leveling feet.

The chair can come complete with all the genuine scuffs and stains of its New York City roots or can come "squeaky clean" with a fresh coat of paint.The seating surfaces have been reglazed with one inch-thick polished resin, cushioned with felt suspension. The chair plugs into a standard 115V AC outlet, and the standard bulbs (included) are replaceable. Handmade in New York City.

These arrow bookends have a great vintage look. They are made from cast iron and measure 5.5 Inch tall.

Bring urban city style to your home design project with urban bedding and transform your bedroom into a cool contemporary retreat. Urban bedding sets feature modern chic style and contemporary color palettes in cool fabrics and prints in an industrial urban design that will turn your bedroom into a sophisticated, modern boudoir reminiscent of a Soho loft or a modern city residence.

The Streets by Essenza/Covers & Coat bedding superstore

The Streets by Essenza takes you to a simpler time with an interesting presentation of the metropolitan street. The vintage cars and architecture draw the eye towards the top of the bed with shades of grey. The reverse of The Streets is a classic stripe running horizontally across the bed. The Streets is made of luxuriously decadent 100 percent cotton.

Need a playful reminder to stay present? This large, red wall sign will keep you well-oriented throughout your busy daily life. Hang its metal teardrop and cutout phrase above your desk, bed, or entryway for a referential reminder to celebrate the current!

Guests are always curious about the directions life has taken you, so you invite them to take a peek at all of the travel souvenirs you’ve collected on this arrow-shaped shelf! Touting three distinct cubbies with a mesh backing, as well as space on top to display knickknacks and art, this bright red piece is a bold reminder that a slight change in plans can have surprisingly brilliant consequences. Whether photos albums, porcelain figurines, or retro glasses fill this classic, eye-catching design, it ensures your flat is always on-point and perfectly personal!

Modern Grunge Street Wise design - a graffiti urban style

Urban rustic style decorating ideas

Let the arrow point the way!  Marquee Lighted Signs turn  any place into something special! -  stylized, pre-rusted steel marquee lights are born of a vintage vision. - marrying something old with something new...

Metal walls also set the urban tone for the room.

The skateboard culture also reflects an urban style. Graffiti is also a popular theme among skateboarders.

Bring the outdoors in and decorate with cinder blocks, concrete blocks - stacked together make great creative side tables and/or night stands.

Cityscape Urban style

This set of three square trunks are a great way to stash clutter before guest arrive. They are made from MDF and rope. They measure 20.5 Inch square x 17 tall, 17.25 Inch square x 14 tall and 14.25 Inch square x 11.75.

Urban chic girls style decorating urban theme

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