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Recreate the mysterious elegance of Oriental Asian design that is balance and beauty to achieve your own harmony, balance, and a sense of peace

And bring a little of that Asian style decorating flair from the Orient into your home and blend the essence of Eastern style of balance and harmony, color and texture, simplicity and richness. 

and add that opulent exotic Asian feel to your bedroom and home with rich colors and mixed fabrics from the colorful Far East.

Beautifully elegant, this room uses the patterns & colors of the Far East. Mix of traditional, modern and exotic style blended together.

It's all about finding beauty in clean lines, unusual textures, and an overall balance of simplicity and opulence

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Give your space a touch of Chinese flair and be transported to the Land of the Rising Sun with silk bed coverings, dramatic carved screens, Chinese silks, and unique ceramics

Oriental Asian Style Window Treatments

Hand crafted roman style retractable window blinds, in bright chinese lucky red sateen fabric embroidered with classic oriental blossoms and bamboo design.

Choose 2, 3 or 4 foot wide designs, all adjust to as long as 6 feet. install on window frame to cover window opening. Choose width wider than the window opening for complete privacy.

Also available with black shou symbols on gold background, as well as gold arabesque on black.

Japanese design shoji paper roll up window blinds, with cherry blossom art print design facing into the home.

Unique design faux shoji lattice design window shade, with black lacquered top and bottom bar. designed to compliment shoji screen room dividers, as the black grid design resembles the lattice on a traditional japanese style shoji screen.

Offered in 2, 3 and 4 foot wide designs, all extend up to 6 feet long. shoji paper allows some light to diffuse into the room, while offering privacy inside the room.

Roll up retractable design, blinds install on the window frame trim, around the window, not fitted to the inside of the window. choose a size larger than the opening of the window to provide full privacy


Chinese Dragon Sink Faucet

Add a touch of oriental decor to your bathroom with this Chinese dragon sink faucet!

Yin Yang Bookcase
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So you love sushi, sleep on a futon, drink green tea - why not take your Nippon-adoration one step further by infusing your surroundings with a few Japanese touches? 

Decorative lighting oriental style

A minimalistic, simple style, yet very functional.

Oriental theme bedroom decorations here

This Asian approach to design is so subtle and universal that it will lend harmony and balance to every interior.

Above all else, materials must be authentic. Wood, lacquer, clay, bamboo, rattan, paper and silk are all crafted, produced and reproduced with constant respect for the essence of each material.

Cinnabar red, imperial yellow, sapphire blue, mysterious black -  a subtle symbolism governs the pure, bright colors found throughout the Far East.

Patterns range from geometric simplicity (point and line, zigzag) to figurative complexity (based on plant and animal motifs) via calligraphy with its highly decorative ideograms.

Highly refined shapes develop a powerful vocabulary of legibility and instant clarity. Yet at the same time they embody a complexity that endows every object with multifaceted appeal.

Give your home or apt a touch of Japanese tranquility and simplicity

Install tatami mats and shoji doors-cardinal elements of Japanese interior design-and see how beautifully they respond to the Western home. Change the size and shape of a room easily and tastefully with bamboo screens and movable partitions. Build a simple Japanese-style alcove, decorate it with something special, and then flaunt it. Try some Japanese lighting techniques-low, soft, and beautiful. Change the mood of a room, and change your way of looking at things.

Touch of Martial Arts for Oriental Themed Bedroom

Chinese style is a marriage of the traditional philosophies of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism

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