Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simply Beautiful Black and White Rooms

Colour has made a visible comeback in design interiors, and for many, its return is not a moment too soon.

And, while I'm equally drawn to a space draped in deep, dramatic reds, or another submersed in soft, shimmering blues...

There's that one, 'non-colour' colour palette that repeatedly demands my full attention:

The BLACK and WHITE Room.

No 'colour' is needed in this sophisticated dining room. Elegantly upholstered, WHITE chairs are the perfect complement to the otherwise domineering BLACK table.

Ornate mirrors and a striking buffet continue the HIGH CONTRAST rhythm found throughout the space, beautifully accentuating the simplicity of the chalk WHITE walls.

These crisp, BLACK and WHITE bed linens add a sense of individuality to this hotel-inspired bedroom. The mirrored side tables and modern silver lamps add drama and sparkle, without detracting from the space's distinctive design style.

BLACK and WHITE artwork is an effective tool when building a HIGH CONTRAST design scheme.  The graphic pattern of the zebra rug grounds the space, while the acrylic chairs and platform style desk visually expand the modest footprint of this modern home office.    

WHITE cabinetry and BLACK counter tops create an elegant backdrop for this gorgeous dining area.  The HIGH CONTRAST palette is deftly repeated in the furnishings, lighting, and accessories, effortlessly blurring the lines between modern and traditional design.

This flawless attention to detail deserves attention:   A 'non-colour', colour story with an amazingly beautiful ending, each and every time.


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