Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Benefits of Embracing Beige

One might compare the colour BEIGE to a wallflower; quiet, unassuming, and willing to disappear into the background while others more deserving shine in the spotlight.

And that is exactly why the majority of the walls in my home are painted a soft, demure shade of BEIGE.

The walls virtually recede, allowing the artwork, furniture and accessories to take center stage.

This is an example of how I used BEIGE in my library. The black desk, abstract artwork, and blue drapery panels and accessories make the clear design statements in the room.

Here are some examples of designer rooms incorporating neutral (BEIGE) backdrops...

The artwork pops against this room's simple wall colour...

I love the touches of yellow in this room. The neutral walls and furniture anchor the space, creating a soft and sophisticated palette...

When a room isn't saturated in colour, the addition of colour through soft goods and accessories can be better appreciated...

The use of BEIGE in a room does have its benefits. When colour, texture and personality are added through other design elements, the results can be amazing.

This is only one way to create a colour design story. It just so happens to be MY way.

Your personal tastes and preferences will be the keys to creating a home that best represents YOU.


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