Sunday, June 12, 2011

Integrating Gold into a Cool Colour Scheme

Does the recent return of GOLD to interior design make you want to cringe, or celebrate

The resurgence of GOLD has received a lukewarm reception from those who remember the kitzy-glitz of the 90's.

But, after more than a decade of cool metals monopolizing the industry, many are eager to embrace the richness and warmth that GOLD so generously provides.

This sophisticated living room combines warm and cool tones.  It's a brilliant mix of modern and traditional design - my favorite style!

The wallpaper must have been the inspiration for the colour palette in this glamorous dressing area.  The gilded furnishings contrast dramatically against the icy blue tones, while the white woodwork and carpeting soften and ground the space.  

The elaborate, GOLD panels are the obvious focal point in this living room.  Soft aqua walls, neutral fabrics, and dark accent pieces add balance and harmony. 

GOLD and purple - colours often associated with royalty, create a regal atmosphere in this room.  Soft grey walls, and black and white accessories provide the perfect base. 

Personally, the jury is still out as to whether I'm ready to welcome GOLD metals into my home again.

Perhaps it's because I've spent the last decade painting over the brass and gold finishes on every picture frame, mirror and accessory that I own! 

However, these inspiration pics build a strong case for the art of mixing warm and cool tones.  Together, they create a sophisticated and subdued colour story.   
What's your verdict?


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