Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unique and Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas

My inspiration file is filled with images of white kitchens with islands.  I love the timeless elegance of a white kitchen, especially when a unique ISLAND is added into the design.

My own white kitchen is an example of the results that can be achieved when working with a very small budget.

We angled the ISLAND to aid in traffic flow, and add visual interest to the space.  The mahogany finish is repeated in the buffet and flooring, providing definition and contrast.   

White kitchens with dark islands continue to grow in popularity.  This ISLAND has a second sink and a cantilevered breakfast bar - practical choices for a busy family. 

A butcher block ISLAND is one possible option for a kitchen with a narrow footprint.  It serves as a convenient prep area, and provides extra storage for large bowls and cookware.

An L shaped island provides the backrest for this charming banquet, providing ample seating and work space in one pretty package.

This ISLAND is an unconventional alternative for those who love to host large dinner parties.  An additional counter surface during the day, it easily transforms into a fabulous buffet table in time for evening entertaining.

If space is limited, the kitchen table can function as extra work space between meals.   The upholstered dining chairs are an unexpected and sophisticated design choice, preventing the heavy table from appearing too utilitarian. 

When space isn't an issue, dual ISLANDS are the ultimate in luxury.  Different wood finishes provide contrast, while repeated details in the cabinetry create a cohesive flow throughout the room.

This kitchen also houses two ISLANDS.  The round serving table is creatively designed to appear like a standing piece of furniture, subtly echoing the curves found in the glass cabinet doors.  

The ISLAND is an opportunity to personalize and customize your space, and can be the difference between a pretty kitchen, and a pretty amazing kitchen!

What does your dream ISLAND look like?


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