Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eye Catching Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are distinctively individual in style.  Their solitary form easily emphasizes the existing design scheme in a room.

When positioned beside a simple table, an accent chair creates a small seating area separate from the main living space.

A solitary chair can accentuate a lovely vignette, deftly repeating the colour and contours of its elegant display pieces.

Paired with a floor lamp and an unusual decorative piece, an accent chair can cleverly fill an otherwise overlooked corner of a room.

When introduced in a room decorated with soft and unassuming neutrals, a chair upholstered in a bold fabric instantly adds interest and dimension.

An accent chair can be the foundation for an artistic display of books and fresh flowers, and is a creative alternative to the traditional bedside table.

Providing both form and function, a small chair with a delicate silhouette is a beautiful addition in a bathroom.

Visibly weightless, an acrylic chair with matching table can add quiet sophistication without detracting from the room's soft and ethereal style.

Accent chairs are a wonderful way to add personality to a space, fill a void, create extra seating, or amplify an existing design scheme.

Do you have a favorite accent chair that your home simply can't live without?


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