Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love Letters and Writing Desks

Perhaps it's my deep affection for the written word that has me wistfully longing for a classic writing desk.

Writing on the same surface as others have, centuries before my time, is an incredibly romantic notion.  My imagination is inspired by the countless secrets a writing desk must hold within its delicate frame.     

Even though the last century has witnessed momentous changes to the manner in which we correspond, the writing desk has remained constant in its timeless and enduring appeal.

Now a treasured statement piece, this small scaled piece of furniture is a coveted element in today's new traditional design.  

Writing desks were once used by the lady of the house to pen personal letters, and extend or reply to elegantly embossed invitations for distinguished social engagements.  They continue to evoke the sense of quiet graciousness and gentle refinement, reminiscent of their significant place in history.

Writing desks date back to the latter part of the 17th century.  They were designed with a surface height conducive to writing for long periods of time while seated on beautifully appointed, straight-backed chairs.      

Rich wood and graceful lines are characteristic of a centuries old writing desk.  But, it's the contemplation of tender love letters written upon its surface long ago, that truly inspires my imagination, and makes me yearn for its romantic presence in my own home.

I'm completely infatuated with the idea of acquiring a piece of history, deeply imbued with the emotional and creative energies of the past. 

A beautiful, antique writing desk would definitely inspire me to write more often.  And I believe anything that fuels a creative passion deserves serious consideration.

What would inspire you to be more creative?   


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