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Egyptian theme bedroom decorating ideas - Egyptian theme decor - Egyptian furniture - Egyptian Themed Home Decor

Enter the mysterious Far East and design a bedchamber fit for a Pharaoh and his Queen

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Egyptian Theme Bedroom decorating ideas and Egyptian theme decor

Egyptian Columns of Luxor Shelves at design toscano

Rising like the famed Egyptian columns for which it is named, our seven-foot-tall work of furniture art is intricately carved and crowned with lotus leaf capitols. Cast in quality designer resin and dramatically hand-painted with rich hieroglyphics and the figures of antiquity, our replica is highlighted by a weathered, faux stone finish. Set with three six-foot-wide expanses of tempered glass to showcase your collectibles and artifacts.


variety of  Egyptian Furniture at Design Toscano

Egyptian themed throw pillows

Beautifully rendered artwork from ancient Egyptian times. These pictures are actually pictures found on walls in pyramids and other places around Egypt. Colorful and gorgeous, they make fine products that really stand out in a room.
for a variety of Egyptian themed throw pillows

 Egypt theme bedding

Egyptian themed bedding & Egyptian themed curtains

variety of Egyptian Themed Bedding prints and Egyptian Themed Curtains

If you don't have the confidence to paint then a mural artist it is!

Explore the Egyptian treasure troves at Design Toscano
for statues of ancient Egyptian dieties: Anubis, Horus, Osiris. Luxor Palace home theater and entertainment furniture. The art of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and so much more.

Evoke the rich mystery of ancient Egypt and accent your own palace with unique Egyptian decor,

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  1. King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp -  scaled Egyptian Revival replica of King Tut atop a hieroglyphic pillar  is sure to lend a royal glow that is nothing short of amazing. Blending art, architecture, and elements of fine design,  is hand-painted in all the colors of the Egyptian palette. Topped with a stunning glass shade for your 60-watt bulb, this exclusive is controlled by a pedal switch.

  2. King Tut Sarcophagus Wall Sculpture - the boy-king makes a grand statement in any room, almost four-foot-tall wall sarcophagus of Egypt's exalted ruler. Hand-painted each detail in the muted tones of an Egyptian palette with faux gold accents.

  3. King Tutankhamen's Life-Size Sarcophagus Cabinet -  The exotic mystery of ancient Egypt realizes its most famous artifact in the sarcophagus. Measuring taller than most men (6¼ feet), the sarcophagus opens to reveal 14 storage shelves. Hand-crafted of solid wood with resin details and hand-painted in an Egyptian palette with faux gold accents, it can be wall-mounted for added stability.- also available:
    Tutankhamen Sarcophagus CD Cabinet.

  4. The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis Sculpture - Heads will turn to this enormous, more than eight-foot-high Egyptian sculpture masterpiece. Muscular Anubis is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in faux ebony, gold and silver to impress in a grand hall with its astounding size and royal style.

Fun accessories for the Egyptian themed bedroom walls

Anubis, the Jackal God Wall Sculpture - Sure to lend a royal presence to your wall, Anubis, the jackal god, promises to keep watch over your ancient domain. Anubis is embellished with lotus carvings and is hand-painted in the rich tones of the Egyptian palette.

Offi MyPetLamp Siamese Cat Accent Lamp in Sunset Orange - ideal pet lamp for the Egyptian palace

Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Sculpture - You can almost feel the hot breath of Renenutet, the Cobra Goddess, as she emerges from the wall, ready to strike! Cast in quality designer resin to capture her menacing fangs and scaly snakeskin, this  Toscano exclusive is a faux gilt-finished wall accent with blood red eyes and forked tongue.

Explore the Egyptian treasure troves at Design Toscano

Grand Gilded Egyptian Sphinx Statue

With the body of a lion and the head of a human, Sphinx sculptures were carved from the bedrock of an Egyptian plateau to be protectors of the people. The Egyptian Sphinx statue guarded the burial chambers of pharaohs and flanked the famous gates to Egyptian cities, so you can rest assured that your home or gallery will be safe with him at the post. Grand-scale, museum-quality replica Egyptian Sphinx statue is artistically rendered, then cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in faux gold and ebony to resemble Egypt's masterpieces. At more than six feet long, this large-scale, display-quality indoor sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment area or recreation room into something truly magnificent!
76"Wx28"Dx47"H. 143 lbs.

The Egyptian theme can work out to be quite costly if you are wanting an authentic look.

But well worth the cost and decorating effort ....  who wouldn't want to live like Cleopatra.

 Design toscano for a  great variety of Egyptian themed home decor, Egyptian Wall Decor, Egyptian Lamps and Candlesticks and Egyptian Gifts

Lots of authentic replica furniture designs to decorate your Egyptian palace with

Lots of golds and blacks, natural stones and metals and animal prints. Palm trees for greenery.

Wall murals accented with flowing curtains can give the illusion of living in a palace with a view.

Fit-for-a-queen chaise, is sure to claim a place of honor among your Egyptian treasures

 Design toscano for a  great variety of Egyptian themed home decor, Egyptian Wall Decor, Egyptian Lamps and Candlesticks and Egyptian Gifts
Lots of authentic replica furniture designs to decorate your Egyptian palace with

Egyptian Scribe Telemon Wall Sculpture - Welcome the richly exotic heritage of ancient Egypt to home or office decor with this amazingly sculpted scribe surrounded by symbols of the falcon god, Horus. Over six feet high, this handpainted, faux gold and silver-embellished, quality designer resin collectible can be hung on the wall as the perfect signature accent flanking a doorway or displayed as the keynote of a media room. This large-scale, display-quality sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment area or recreation room into something truly magnificent! another masterpiece from design toscano

The Cleopatra Suite
Lavish rugs and furnishings give a feeling of opulence to the room,
and transports guests back to the time of Cleopatra and the Egyptian Queens.

You'll honor the revered memories of ancient Egyptian royalty as our nearly yard-high console lends an exotic accent to your decor. Though our Toscano-exclusive accent sculptures are cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished in faux gold leaf, actual tamed cheetahs were kept as close companions to the pharaohs and protectors of the throne. Our great cats sit atop faux wood bases and artistically secure a tabletop of over 4½ feet of quality, 1/4"-thick, tempered beveled glass.

Egyptian Suite

Ready to mount to your wall, these eight-foot wonders are ringed with traditional hieroglyphics hand-scribed into the columns and crowned with lotus capitols. Cast of fiberglass-reinforced resin and hand-painted in the rich jewel tones of the Egyptian palette.

The open fretwork, textured design, hand-painted detail and faux gold leaf all add up to a truly spectacular Toscano exclusive work of art. Cast in designer resin, this historically powerful wall frieze employs a rich Egyptian palette to delight the senses as well as the mind.

Emblems of power, two regal carved lions proudly keep watch from the end of over 6 feet of quality, double caned rattan stretched across a solid mahogany frame in this venerable work of craftsmanship. Requiring a full two weeks to hand carve and cane, this museum-quality piece showcases our master artisans' attention to detail, from the curving tails to the exotically upholstered neck roll that highlights one end. Whether showcased as stylish seating for guests, or simply admired as a work of furniture art, this exclusive statement piece is sure to impress!

Egyptian theme baby bedroom

Cairo bedroom - more pictures here

Egyptian themed room-decorating  -  Egyptian style bedrooms

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