Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Classic Chic Style!

CHRISTMAS is my absolute favorite time of the year. 

It's a season to rejoice, to dream, to share, to sing, to laugh, and to give with an open and loving heart.

Even though I injured my shoulder and broke my tailbone last week when I gracefully fell down the stairs (twice!),  I've managed to hobble about, determined to add a little Christmas sparkle to our home.

The tree is now in place and adorned with glass trinkets, silk flowers and twinkling lights...

...and the dining room table has been given a touch of holiday glam with a simple little centerpiece.

The main floor windows are delicately dressed in shimmering wreaths of silver and white...

...and our fireplace mantle is sprinkled with soft touches of silver, pewter and frosty pink.

A few presents have been lavishly wrapped and placed beneath the tree for Christmas morning...

...and the staircase is swagged in soft green ribbon, silver blossoms and cascading berry sprays.

Even though I'm far from completing my rather extensive list of decorating projects this year...

...Our home is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And now, I'm going to settle down for a long short winter's nap!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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