Monday, February 6, 2012

Elements of Hollywood Regency Design

(Architectural Digest)

Hollywood Regency Design is undeniably bold and glamorous.

If you love the look of Old Hollywood, consider incorporating a few essential elements of this popular decorating style into your home decor.

Lacquer:  Add a daring, high gloss sheen to your walls, ceilings or furniture pieces.
(A Regeanne Interiors)

Luxe:  Mix classic design elements with shimmering metallics and rich, gorgeous colour.
(Elizabeth Gordon)

Personality:  Develop an eclectic yet harmonious design scheme with well appointed furnishings and unique accessories.
(John Stephanson)

Fabrics: Use an abundance of rich silks, brocades, tassels and trim to create a lush and luxurious vibe.
(Sheril Canet)

Chinoiserie:  Incorporate Chinese-inspired wallpaper for a feeling of instant glamour and high-end opulence.
(via Elle Decor)

Statement Pieces:  Nothing says 'Old Hollywood' quite like a lady's fainting couch!
(Mary McDonald)

Glam:  Add sumptuous sparkle with reflective surfaces, elegant crystal and a few well chosen accessories.
(via Houzz)

Mirrors:  The starburst mirror so popular today is an icon of the 'Old Hollywood' style.
(via BHG)

Scale:  Mix small-scaled upholstered pieces with dramatically over sized accessories.
(via Homes Design)

Hollywood Regency Design is about capturing the essence of a decadent time in history, with interiors befitting the most glamorous of this era's infamous leading ladies.
(Rita Hayworth)

(Jean Harlow)

(Susan Hayward)

If you love all things big, bold and beautiful, I hope these ideas will help you to create a home that reflects your own unique and sensational sense of style!
(MGM Studios)

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