Thursday, February 16, 2012

Timeless and Traditional Living Rooms

I've been fighting with the furniture arrangement in my living room for almost a month!  You can view my latest shared attempt HERE.

No matter what I change, add, remove or repurpose, the room just doesn't 'FEEL' right. 

I know it's because I'm trying to 'make do' with what I already own.  I can rearrange my existing furniture a hundred more times, and I'm still not going to be happy with the outcome.

I'm seriously tempted to purchase a few new pieces of furniture, but before I do, I need to decide if I should take this opportunity to also make some changes to my current decorating style.

Each of these warm and elegant living rooms speak to my first true love; TIMELESS, TRADITIONAL DESIGN.

Although these spaces are more formal than my own living room, they still feel beautifully soft and inviting.  This timeless style is definitely worth considering.

Will my new and improved living room be a little more CLASSIC and a little less CHIC?  At this point, your guess is as good as mine!

~ Wendi ~ xo


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