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Bring home the African Serengeti or tropical jungle

 Exotic or playful. 

The Jungle theme can work for adults and children.

A Real Adventure!
Bring a safari adventure to life in your child's bedroom or playroom with unique 3D wall art. Bedtime will never be the same. Featuring a Mother and Baby Giraffe majestically standing in the shade of a tree, a stunning zebra watches quietly, and two friendly monkeys look back from the side of a mirror. Choose the whole set to complete the look, or individual pieces to create a look your child will love.

Walk through a captivating jungle rainforest, filled with wild animals and fun jungle themed furnishings - perfect for all those who are obsessed with nature and rainforests!

Create a Jungle style bedroom for the kids to roam in while on a safari in their own private tropical rainforest retreat.

Go wild with fun jungle themed bedroom decorations. Just like Tarzan, you can play among elephants, leopards, monkeys and zebras without having to leave the room!


 tropical jungle themed bedroom-kids theme bed Tarzan tree house style

Who said beds need to be boring? Be creative with a jungle themed bedroom using a fun themed bed such as a safari jeep style bed, river boat bed, or a Tarzan and Jane tree house style loft bed, the perfect touch to any room!

What child wouldn't want a unique theme bed in their bedroom! If you are crafty, the possibilities are endless. From a simple canoe style bed, to a small boat bed, or the the loft style beds - bamboo poles and raffia thatch roof come to mind with lots of entwined greenery, with a jungle rainforest mural in the background and wild animal decorative accents.

If you don't have the confidence to paint your own wall mural, you are in luck ... there are so many options available today, from jungle themed full wall murals, to jungle themed wall mural decal stickers, to paint by number murals, stencils and posters. There really is something for everyone.

3d jungle animals - 3d trees   3D Safari Wall Art Decor at ababy

Plush jungle animals - a fun variety of gorgeous plush animal toys

Walls of the wild wall mural sticker decals

Ready to start your own decorating adventure, but still needing more jungle themed inspiration? Then roam on over to the jungle rainforest themed decorating and furnishings ideas section! Good luck and have fun!

Create a jungle in your own home

Create a tropical rainforest jungle theme - rustic tree house, Tarzan style!

Bamboo Grove wall mural - Jungle wall murals at murals your way

3-D giraffe

 3d jungle animals - 3d trees   3D Safari Wall Art Decor at ababy

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wild animal print decorating ideas

jungle theme bedrooms - Photos of Room for Joy Jacks Room

exotic tribal decorating ideas

Jungle Friends wall mural at murals your way



Get Wild with Jungle Theme Decorations

Create your very own jungle for a safari or jungle theme party with these awesome decorations!

Jungle Allure Decorating Kit visit Shindigz Party Props

Jungle Allure Decorating Kit features jungle animals, trees, grasses and more to make your jungle themed party come alive with excitement!

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I have been thinking of getting a rainforest theme for my room, and i will definetly use some of these great tips!
ReplyDelete these people know that those African Elephants , Lions, Giraffes, and Zebras DO NOT LIVE IN THE JUNGLE? WHAT are you teaching our kids!!!!

  1. Decorating is more about expressing your personal style ideas, artistic abilities, color schemes. Creating a fun space to spend time in.
    Mermaids are not real, yet girls of all ages love to add them into their underwater themed bedrooms. Decorating is mixed with geography, history and fantasy, it's all about fun, not so much on life lessons.


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