Monday, April 1, 2013

How Do You Describe Your Decorating Style?

Have you ever taken one of those "Find Your Decorating Style" quizzes?

You know the kind... you answer a few questions and the site pops out a 'term' or 'label' that's meant to help you define your decorating style.

I decided to try a little experiment.  If I took ten of these on-line quizzes, would they all give me the same answer?  How many of them would be able to accurately pinpoint my decorating style?

So, what were the final results?  Well, I apparently have not ONE, but TEN very diverse decorating styles!

Quiz #1: MODERN GLAM (I do love a bit of bling, but, modern?  Not so much.)

Quiz #2: ROMANTIC (I like pretty decor, but I also need balance and contrast.)

Quiz #3: FORMAL (Partially true.  I love symmetry... I loathe stuffiness.)

Quiz #4: ECLECTIC (Yes, but it doesn't define my decorating style.)

Quiz #5: PARK AVENUE COCKTAIL (Nice, but too over-the-top for my home.)

Quiz #6: FRENCH COUNTRY (They missed the mark by a french country mile!)

Quiz #7: FUN COSMOPOLITAN (Not even close!)

Quiz #8: URBAN CHIC (I do like it, but it's not my decorating style.)

Quiz #9: RUSTIC ELEGANCE (Elegant, yes, but they lost me at rustic.)

Quiz #10: TRADITIONAL (Yes, but not in the old school sense, and not 100%)

Now, I can describe my 'CLASSIC CHIC Design Style' down to the smallest detail.

But, if I'd taken these quizzes to determine what decorating style I like the most, I'd be more confused than ever!

They asked pointed questions like "Which bedroom do you like the best?" or "If you could go on a dream vacation, which one would you choose?"

Sometimes, I'd like certain elements of two or more options on the list, but none in their entirety. And sometimes, I actually didn't like any of them!  But, I had to pick something in order to continue!

Faced with such limiting choices, it's no small wonder my results were all over the map!

These little decorating quizzes are definitely entertaining and only take a few short minutes to complete.

Identifying the smaller details that Define Your Personal Decorating Style is a multi layered and lengthy process, but it's so worth the effort!

Choosing colour, fabric, furnishings and accessories is much easier if you have a clear vision of what you want your space to look like in the end!

So tell me... how do you describe your decorating style?

~ Wendi ~ xo


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