Sunday, July 17, 2011

Appreciating Art from the Inside Out

Great ART speaks your language, echoes your emotions, touches your soul...

ARTWORK is an expression of personal creativity.  My paintings are displayed throughout our home, this particular canvas being a family favorite.

An incredible piece of ART deserves a place of honour in a room.  The furniture and accessories should enhance it's beauty, without competing for attention.

Well chosen ARTWORK breathes life into a space;  a discernible energy, molded by magnificent waves of colour and light.

A canvas painted with fluid layers and contrasting depth infuses a space with movement and light.


A truly extraordinary piece of ART appears multidimensional, evoking a sense of oneness with the painting.

A single, over sized canvas is powerful and provocative, and when properly showcased, becomes the personality in the room.

ARTWORK creates drama, stirs deep emotions and memories, and captures the essence of the artist's intent.

ART draws the eye through a space, stimulating a curiosity for deeper exploration of what lies beyond.

With its amazing ability to tell a story,  ARTWORK fuels the imagination with fantasies of seductive tales, secretly hidden within its depths.

Do you own a special piece of ART that speaks to your soul and touches your heart? 


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