Friday, July 8, 2011

A Light Yellow with Luminous Style

I recently began the illuminating exploration of YELLOW while selecting a paint colour for our newly finished basement.

This primary hue, known for its reflective qualities, seemed the obvious choice for a space with limited windows and low ceilings.

I soon discovered that a yellow that appears ideal on the paint chip, intensifies dramatically once it's on the wall.  Not only is the colour much brighter because of its ability to reverberate and magnify light, the tonal value is altered as well.

Thus began my search for a soft, sophisticated YELLOW. 

When a muted YELLOW is added to a predominantly white room, the effect is calm and soothing.  This near-neutral shade offers the feeling of colour without an extra sense of weight.

These luxurious window treatments add a dimension of light and movement to this tailored space.  Their tonal value is deftly repeated in the sofa fabric and patterned rug, sustaining a visual continuity and flow.

Although restrained and elegant, the creamy YELLOW colour scheme creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this tastefully decorated foyer.

This classic kitchen is flooded with natural sunlight.  A clear, vibrant YELLOW would be overwhelming in this space, but a less stimulating, muted ochre achieves the perfect balance of light and energy.

A space without the benefit of sunshine requires only a whisper of YELLOW to appear golden.  This creamy white paint with its subtle yellow undertone emulates the gentle glow of natural, diffused light.

Through my research, I've learned that YELLOW has the natural tendency to magnify it's own intensity and change its tonal value according to the surrounding light conditions.  Because of this, paint chips are often deceiving, making it difficult to identify its true chroma and tone.

And while the search for that perfect YELLOW was a challenge, the final reward is a soft and sophisticated space that exudes warmth and positive energy.     

No sunglasses required.


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