Friday, September 28, 2012

Organization Series: My Kitchen Pantry

I've been a very busy girl cleaning and organizing the closets and cupboards around our home! In a series of posts, I'll be sharing my hard work with you as well as my own tips and ideas on storage and organization.

My first post is all about THE KITCHEN PANTRY!

I like to store dry goods in clear, labelled containers.  I keep cooking and baking supplies on a separate shelf for easy access.

My hubby installed an electrical outlet in the pantry.  My toaster stays hidden away, along side a bread box and a small wire shelf for baked goods.

I've added additional wire racks to store our canned and boxed goods.  They allow me to make the most of the vertical space between the built-in shelves.

Our coffee and tea supplies are stored together on a lower shelf, along with a few paper goods.

The floor space below houses cleaning supplies and extra bags.  Two more wire shelves hold my dusters and floor cloths.

The opposite side has a small wire shelving unit for storing snacks.  A cute little shopping cart holds onions and garlic.

Here's a longer view of the left side of the pantry...

...And a view of the right side.  Cereal boxes are stored on the top shelf.

My next post will cover organization ideas for kitchen cupboards.  I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my kitchen pantry!

Until next time .. HAPPY ORGANIZING!


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