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So while browsing around for that outstanding, original, one of a kind unique and unusual gift that would make me the ultimate creative gift-giver of all time (or at least until the next birthday rolled around) I thought  - hey! Why not blog about it? 

And while surfing the world wide web of gift shops I came to the realization, Christmas is not too far away, so am now browsing for that too.

So here are a few of my gift choice ideas I have found to be of good cheer
for you to browse ......

Love the feeling of bare feet on freshly mowed grass? These grass flip flops can give you that feeling anytime, anywhere.

With a quiet nod to the "down under" culture that brought the first flip flops to the world, KUSA takes the everyday flip flop and adds a thick layer of syn-turf that conforms to and is naturally shaped by the individual contours of your feet. In a short time, these flip flops form into a perfect fit for YOUR feet.

With its soft skin and unique aesthetics, the Too Beautiful To Hide Hot Water Bottle lives up to its name.

Perfect gift for the
I Dream of Jeannie fan

How I Met Your Mother Suitjamas

Introducing Barney Stinson's legendary, awe-inspiring Suitjamas, the finest sleepwear a man can buy. Comfortable, cool, and just awesome.

"Legendary Sleepwear for Legendary Men"

Napping is one of our favorite things, right behind sleeping. Use the hood to get snuggly, shield your eyes, keep warm, or protect your hair from your cat's nocturnal escapades. Two drawstrings let you adjust the fit of the hood to your liking. A pocket next to the hood is the perfect size for tucking in your phone, iPod, or a remote control. Slip your headphone cords through the porthole for tangle-free listening. Best of all, when it's time to change your sheets, the HoodiePillow goes right into the washing machine

Washing machine-shaped hamper

Take your closet decor for a trip through the spin cycle with this fabulous washing machine-shaped hamper. This comical clothing container features embroidered knob details and a see-through plastic window that create a picture-perfect stand-in when the wash is still days from being done. When you're charged enough to take on the chore, simply grab this hamper by its concealed straps to easily lug it to the laundromat. With your clothing looking so swell inside this mock washing machine, your bedroom floor will finally be as fresh as your recently laundered linens.

Ballpoint pen with a built-in roll of paper at VAT19

Pens don't get much cooler than the Scroll Pen! This high-quality ballpoint pen features a unique canister housing twenty-eight inches of paper.

Simply twist the top of the Scroll Pen to unwind a two-inch tall leaf of paper to jot down important notes at a moment's notice.

The Scroll Pen arrives packaged in a sleek gift box with three blank scrolls. Uses standard D1 ballpoint pen refills.

disguised as a battered old envelope!
 Undercover laptop case 
Undercover tablet sleeve

This stroke of genius allows you to carry a laptop of any size (8 - 17") around safe in the knowledge that it looks like you simply have a padded envelope under your arm! Manufactured from a hi-tech material which is waterproof and tear-proof and can be written on. The Undercover Laptop Case is thoroughly padded, to protect your laptop, but what you may not expect is the luxury inside lining in stark contrast to the utilitarian exterior.

 variety of bling

Be the envy of all your friends with awesome bling and sparkle

Lovely Ladies Books can be heavy-in their weight as well as their subject matter-so why not support those massive masses of words on your shelf with a pair of equally substantial bookends? Modeled in the spirit of the Machine Age, these retro-classic ladies are no shrinking violets. Their strong deco forms reflect their durability and power to keep your tomes from toppling so you can remove a book without worrying about throwing the rest off balance.

Beard Beanies

Ho ho ho! Celebrate Christmas with a Santa Edition Beard Head! With a snow-white beard and a jolly red Santa hat, Santa Beard Head is the perfect gift for anyone, naughty or nice!
One piece like a mask and fits snug to stay in place for any outdoor activities, and great fun at parties.

Shoot Again Basketball

Improve your game with repetitive shooting action, Ball return manually rotates 180 degrees to take shots from all positions on the court, Spring loaded rim

Includes 1 foam basketball, Fits most doors. Fun for ages 7+

A little bit of personalization in a gift  can earn many brownie points.

   If you’re looking for a gift that truly stands out among all others, a unique birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.....
Custom photo blankets, photo pillows, photo towels
 make great gifts for mothers, fathers, grandmothers, boyfriends, teachers, coach gifts and great gifts for cheerleaders, pet and sports lovers

  Creative gifts for the sports fans - personalized sports balls









Take a regulation size basketball, add up to 32 photos, text and logos and you'll have a unique one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Each panel is highlighted with a color coordinated ribbon and silver or gold studs.

Each ball is handmade so no two will ever be exactly the same.

good source for personalized photo blankets, woven throws, photo pillows, photo towels, photo sports balls and picture blankets.

       Create your own personalized photo gallery featuring your favorite faces and places. 


Loving Them Collage Personalized Frame

For a one-of-a-kind frame! Custom cut-out any message declaring just who you love, with your choice of I Love or We Love along with any title.

Message will be cut-out on a white mat board under a plastic over-lay, encased within an elegant, black wood wall frame. Then select your favorite photos to be featured and attach behind the white mat board for a custom frame.
Makes for a perfect accessory to any entrance way or family room celebrating the one's you love and best of all this gift will work for everyone. Great Mothers day gift, or for a new mum. What grandma wouldn't love it, I can hear the oooohs and aaaahs already



CHERISH THE MEMORIES ..... Enjoy and preserve your home movies without the hassle

Captured on camcorder video tape and old home - movie film, those priceless moments are disappearing - victims of heat, humidity and the years themselves. Digitally re-master and convert your home videos and movies onto crystal - clear, cinema - quality DVDs.




Throw Pillows - decorative pillows - cushion covers



Surprise the proud new parents with a pillow that celebrates the newest addition to their family. Inspired by mass transit systems' vintage "roll-stop" and subway signs from the 1920s and '30s, each customizable Birth Announcement Pillow commemorates the child's birth in regal, old-world style. Each custom printing featuring the child's name, birthday, time, weight, location, inches at birth, his or her parents' names.




Bite Me

Live every week like it's Shark Week with a Jaws-dropping pair of cotton-polyester-spandex socks that add kick to your workwear.

Whether you're circling the water cooler or swimming in deep water, you're sure to bring humor and style to any room with outrageous "shark attack" graphics.

After all, business casual bites--so why not bite back?

 These socks are super cool - choose from Superman, Batman, Robin,  Wonder Woman 


superhero cape socks

Now these are unique socks - oh the fun to be had with these cape socks. 

also visit the Super Heroes theme room section for more gift ideas 

A terrific gift for birthdays from 21 to 101!

Cheers To You Engraved Beer Boot

Toast to the birthday dude in traditional German style.


  at Perpetual Kid

This reusable ice tray contains four icy Titanic ships and four menacing icebergs.
Pair them up in your mixed drinks and re-create history.


Perfect gift for the soldier or hero in your life

Growing up most boys had one toy in common: the little green army man.

These little toy figures were in more backyard combat missions than our armed forces.

Army Man Mug. - for every man or women who has to endure his/her own combat missions - in the office, at home, on the playground, sitting in traffic - or wherever they might occur  -   This mug will serve and protect you from the toughest boss to the most annoying co-worker to anything else you come up against!

Army Man Bottle Opener

The Swiss Army may have their boring old knives, but you sir, can have this! 

This "Standard Issue" Army Man bottle opener is made of genuine die-cast metal and makes it even more fun to pop open a few beers whenever you get some R & R. 

The Army Man opener measures 4.25" high x 2.5"wide, and ships in an illustrated gift grade package. 

The perfect gift for your own personal Army Man!

Homeguard Soldier Book End

Army green soldier bookend

Attention!! Get those books in order!




Cleverly designed bookend topped with a classic toy soldier figure. 


Soldier Door Stop

The original Home Guard consisted of volunteers who, during World War II were unable to go to war.

Despite this they stood strong against the threat to peace and harmony at home.

Like Dad's Army these resin soldiers will dutifully stay behind, determined to keep domestic peace against the menace of slamming doors.

Mud Pie Sealife Whale Mug

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug

When he's not galloping through a magical forest filled with fireflies, fairy nymphs, and glittering pools of water promising eternal youth, Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug is a fanciful companion to your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

Handcrafted from stoneware clay with a charming footed base, this enigmatic equine offers an ample vessel for your favorite beverage, inquisitive blue eyes, and a flowing rainbow mane unfurling from his mystical horn.

Handmade in Pennsylvania.





 Bride & Groom Crystallized Swarovski Flute Set

  Classic and elegant. 

The Bride features scalloped-neck dress permanently frosted onto the glass and beautifully set off by sparkling necklace of Swarovski crystals.
The Groom an Armani-inspired tux (also permanently frosted onto the glass) sports a classy bow tie made of glass beads.These toasting glasses are the perfect engagement or wedding gift for that special couple.
And, since the design is permanently etched into the glass, it won't wash off.
and I stumbled upon companion glassware 
for the  Asta Glass

Just Married Flip Flops

UNIQUE JUST MARRIED Flip Flops are the perfect touch for your sunny beach honeymoon or wedding!

These newlywed flip-flops leave an impression every time you walk in the sand with the words "Just Married" on bottom of flip flop.

Perfect for the bride and groom gift or the whole wedding party!


Bride and Groom pillows

Faceless Watch

A watch that tells time with LEDs built into the band. Blending seamlessly

Bring a little bling to the automobile with RHINESTONE LICENSE PLATE FRAMES

Princess Crown Crystal/Diamond Bling License Plate Frame

Lots more bling a ling goodies to be found here

decorative vases - UNIQUE!

at Perpetual Kid

Let's have a little fun in the kitchen......



 Are you a girl with a taste for fashion? Here’s a way to eat and make a fashion statement at the same time! Go ahead - give Ms Food Face a broccoli bouffant or a mashed potato makeover. But why stop there? Between bites, try out a a stylish pair of edible earrings with a teriyaki tiara. It’s deliciously fun! 

Wouldn't YOU have loved these fun plates when you were a kid? 

at Perpetual Kid

The bulldozer is pushing peas onto the lift fork… the fork is lifting to the mouth receptacle… and it’s GOOD! Make mealtime constructive and fun.

The Construction Plate has slotted parking areas for each utensil and also features built-in construction site ramps and sections to provide an enhanced eating project experience. Mom has always told us not to play with our food, but now we have an excuse!

Dishwasher and microwave safe Construction Plate and Utensils package contains one Fork Lift Fork, one Front Loader Spoon, one Bulldozer Pusher and one Constructive Eating Plate. Utensils all have realistic and textured handles that are kid friendly.



Breakfast bowl with splash design

Designed like an accident in progress. Spilt Milk will add a splash of fun to your table. Made from soft, flexible silicone that's practically indestructable.

So even if Junior (or dad) whips it across the room or plunges it to the floor, you'll never need to cry over Spilt Milk!

Add  excitement to mealtime for little kids ... and maybe even  big kids 



at Perpetual Kid

Invite a super hero to your table and any meal becomes mighty fun. Souper has poseable arms and legs, just like an action figure, so he can soar through the Spaghetti-Os at warp speed. His bulked up sonic-sealed body and stainless steel head are fully food safe and washable.

He's the one toy you won't mind having at the dinner table.

  fun gift for the big boys


at Perpetual Kid

A good soldier is always prepared and this apron comes with a bottle opener, 3 XL tool pockets, 4 sauce pockets, S&P spice pockets and even an artillery belt that holds 6 beverage cans!
Unique camouflage Grill Sergeant Apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun!
Drop and give me fifty... chicken wings!


It's great in the kitchen - just rub the stainless steel marvel in your hands under cold water, and odors like onion and garlic disappear. Even better, it never wears out, and no additional cleaning is necessary. Black plastic soap dish included. Made in Germany.

This extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The polished aluminum bowl takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with "wooden" planks cast along its hull. The boats oars are a pair of serving tools, carved from sheesham, a variety of rosewood which is renowned for its intricate, marbled grain. Whether you're serving salad, holding fruit, or simply putting it on display, this bowl is sure to make waves.

gone fishin’ place setting

Combining whimsical humor with fluid grace, each fish-inspired utensil has smart little fins, a fanned tail, and a simple round eye. The combinations create distinct personalities for each piece and a fun mood across the table. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel with a gleaming mirror finish

Chicken Shaped Wire Egg Basket - Great Way to Store Your Eggs

aaawww .... this is just toooo cute

Fun novelty gift, would make a good housewarming gift also

A nice gift basket works a treat when stumped for gift ideas

Master chocolatier Ben Strohecker says, Chocolate makes everyone smile — even bankers, so accompanied with a little itty bitty alcohol and a scrumptious biscuit or two - and some yummmmmmy chocolate coated strawberries you cannot go wrong.


Gift Baskets Overseas
specializes in sending luxury high-quality gift baskets  and corporate gifts throughout the world.

 mmmm, I want me some of them thar strawberries!



 Performance Pink Golf Club Cover - Monogram


 Performance Golf Club Cover - Golf Crest at personalization mall

Protect your favorite driver in country club style with our Personalized Black Performance Golf Club Cover. A perfect gift for Father's day, birthdays, holidays or any golf enthusiast on your list!



Car eye lashes
pimp my ride .... with false lashes ... and bling eyeliner .... just for us gals

mixed reviews on this, you decide HOT or NOT




Create an outdoor cinema - fun movie nights to be had


 variety of sizes available here

Now you can have your own movie theatre anywhere! - Self-Inflates in minutes



   How cute is this ..... tent!

I stumbled upon this by some accident, and thought my brother would get a little chuckle. Little did I know, his response would be ... I WANT IT.  So guess what he is getting for Christmas/birthday ... his own VW tent! Even my daughter shrieked with excitement! (But she's a teenager; it's probably an in-built reaction.) You'll never have to worry about losing your tent in the park again! What will they think of next?


Officially licensed, this stunning four-man (or lady, lol) tent is a deluxe, full-size replica of the iconic 1965 VW Camper Van synonymous with 60s counterculture. It’s so evocative you can almost hear the Mamas and the Papas singing California Dreamin’ every time you feast your eyes on its beautifully breadloaf-ish form. Indeed we half expected Mama Cass to tumble out when we first saw this groovy Vee-Dub. You’ll be the envy of the campsite!

Factor in two zip-separated double-size rooms, allowing couples to sleep/knit yoghurt/spread the love in private, plus an outer that can be put up first to offer some shelter as you erect the other bits and bobs, and you’re looking at the greatest thing to hit the world of boho living since… well, since the original VW Camper Van. All together now, ‘If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to take your Vee-Dub Camper Tent…

A Quick Spin... VW Camper Van Tent

After watching this vid, my thoughts immediately went to ...... brother, booze, camping ........ and his traveling play tent. I'm hoping to have some great stories to share when he comes back from his next camping trip!

And in continuing with the outdoor theme ....
what about some fun wet water style sports toys 

tons of fun to be had

offers luxurious comfort seating and an adjustable/removable shade canopy with air vents. This lounge is ideal for the beach, pool, lake and land! Double you fun with the Pool-N-Beach and take your lounge-time anywhere! The Pool-N-Beach Lounge even comes with an LP1 Double Action Hand Pump for easy inflation wherever you decide to lounge.

Need A Hand?
Go 20,000 leagues under the shower with this friendly squid, equipped with nine, adjustable tentacles for gripping your shampoo, soap and washing extras, without disappearing into the bathroom void! Wildly convenient, this functional creature even holds your bottles upside down, so you conquer every last drop,


Designed to look like a giant piece of file paper complete with printed lines, holes and red margins on both sides, doodle duvet comes with its own set of 8 wash-out color pens. Which means that you can jot down late-night thoughts, draw a masterpiece, write a story or leave a message – then wash your duvet cover for a totally fresh start all over again...endlessly!

and if really stuck for a gift ....  or wanting to surprise a loved one away from home  - a gift card is the ideal way to go.

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