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If you are wanting something different, unusual, off the wall type of gift ideas, unique decorative accents, unusual furniture or just browsing at super quirky novelty bits and bobs ... then you have reached the right place.

Here we have compiled a menagerie of the unusual.

 Canvas - seating

A canvas shaped chair (or sofa) with a drawing of a chair (or sofa).

Canvas is used by leaning it against the wall. A frame made of wood is covered by an elastic fabric, printed with the texture of a canvas and a drawing of the chair or sofa.

Available in two models: armchair and sofa.

Designer Matt Carr created this innovative bookshelf after being inspired by two vintage coffee tables. Originally he created the bookshelf for his own home, and then recreated the design using mahogany natural tops and black lacquered legs. Creative, original and sure to surprise, the biblioteca bookshelf will no doubt become one of your favorite conversation pieces.

Fun piece of furniture for the
Alice in Wonderland Themed Bedroom 

Walk - Don't Walk

There's nothing pedestrian about this chair. Artisan John Carter combines fine art, interior design and social commentary for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. The New York City "Walk/Don't Walk" signs actually work - and a remote control is included to turn them on and off. The legs are made from reconfigured, customized steel street sign brackets, with galvanized, heavy duty self-leveling feet.

The chair can come complete with all the genuine scuffs and stains of its New York City roots or can come "squeaky clean" with a fresh coat of paint.The seating surfaces have been reglazed with one inch-thick polished resin, cushioned with felt suspension. The chair plugs into a standard 115V AC outlet, and the standard bulbs (included) are replaceable. Handmade in New York City. 

Bear Sculptural Chair at design toscano

So ornate that it's practically a sculpture-within-a-sculpture, this incredible replica work of rustic decor has roots in late-18th century Swiss antiques shown in the great international exhibitions alongside works by Tiffany, Galle and Linke. Originally carved for music hall performers, a trio of bears dances across this whimsical addition to lodge decor or Western home decor.




Authentic Saddle Barstool

search at Black Forest 

An authentic American western saddle perches above a clever horseshoe base on the leather and metal Authentic Saddle Barstool.


unique bar stools 

Giant Corn Cob Seat

Giant Corn Cob Seat - From the gigantic bite to the corn silk strands in between the kernels, the detail on this oversized corn-on-the cob is amazing. Lots more really great big stuff ...






For the musician in the family

Seeing an usable clarinet is sure  to give any music lover rhapsody in blue. Fortunately, Jamie Cornett breathes new life into well-used instruments by turning them into bright and jazzy decorative lamps. Sure to make the musician, music teacher or music lover's heart glissando with delight, this quirky piece of home decor gives this instrument a standing ovation. Handmade in New York City 

Since he was a kid, Graham Bergh has been making things out of found objects. After getting his Master's in Economics and Environmental Policy, he wanted to become an innovative recycling professional when he got a flat tire on his bike and said, "Hmmm...interesting material..." So he got to building creations by hand out of recycled bicycle parts, and soon gathered a team of artists to come up with new ideas and assemble the ideas they had. The results are distinctive accents like this bike chain bowl, which is perfect for keys, change and more. Handmade in Oregon.

Wicker Swing Chairs and Bubble Chairs

Great pieces of  indoor and outdoor furniture. Comfortable and stylish. The Bubble Chair swallows the sounds and you feel isolated inside in a pleasant way, even when you are in a crowded place.

Joe Baseball Glove Sofa

Catch me if you can! Originally designed in 1970 in luxurious leather, Joe, the oversized baseball glove, is now being reissued in a new luminous polymer. With tobacco brown or monumental marble grey color options, this eye-catching lounge chair will definitely be the envy of your friends, neighbors, or guests. Sit back on this comfy couch and watch the boys of summer.

Red lips sofa - Heller Studio 65 Bocca Sofa

Lipstick-red sofa adds a smile to any environment. This new version, a loveseat for two, is made of soft resin for comfort and indoor and outdoor use. This chic and distinct sofa is sure to be the topic of conversation whether in a commercial, office, or residential setting.

Cardigan Pendant 
at the land of nod
Soft knit pendant resembles your favorite cardigan sweater. It comes in three different colors to match whatever sweater you're wearing that day.

Metal Wall Watch Band Clock

Who says you can't hang your jewellery on the wall!

WWI Wood Propeller with Clock

Paint a vintage biplane on the wall and attach the propeller clock for a unique look.
Visit the Airplane Theme Bedrooms for ideas

Giant Dixon Pencil

The write stuff! This is just like the real thing! Make a pointed statement of gift giving with this authentically detailed 5½-foot version of a classic #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. Crafted of heavy resin by artisans to be a faithful reproduction of the original. High-gloss lacquer finish and silk-screened logo. Measures in at 68" long and 3" in diameter.


Green Soldier Bookends

A fun, and functional design piece 

Sexy Leg Lamp at dino direct

Most adorable shoes

Didn't know where to put these shoes, just knew I had to add them, so decided to add them to the unique section.!


Platform Sandal with Rhinestone Cuff and Lipstick Heel  ...  a little bling with a lot of style

Sensuous. Sexy. and rather Wild

Definitely a statement item, but perfect if you  want to stand out in the crowd.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

designed to let you walk on treadmill while working

Too busy to work out on a daily basis? Turn to the TrekDesk treadmill desk, which encourages you to walk slowly on a treadmill while you talk to clients, type up proposals, or catch up on your email.
The TrekDesk offers a number of benefits to both work and home users. Not only does it encourage weight loss, disease prevention, and overall physical health, but it also improves your mood and increases your productivity.

By day, these frosted white planters add a contemporary accent. When dusk falls, the magic begins as they illuminate from within and cast a magical glow.

Surprise Surprise is a light in the shape of a gift bow. A striking piece of functional art, it's designed to make you smile, feel a little joy or maybe evoke a few memories of past birthdays and perfect valentines.

Surprise Surprise is both a visually stunning object and a multifunctional light that can be used on a wall, a ceiling, a table or even hanging in mid-air.

Available in either a silver reflective finish or in a more subdued white opalescent finish.

Babylon is a plantable light fixture - individually hand-formed from aluminum by a skilled Canadian craftsman. Whether used as an organic center piece or a working herb garden over the kitchen counter, Babylon will become your very own hanging garden.

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