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Capturing the Colours of the Changing Seasons

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No greater source of inspiration exists than that which can be found in the
immeasurable beauty of NATURE.     ~ Wendi

With the advent of each changing season, the world is transformed into an entirely new spectrum of exquisite colour.

As the icy depths of winter awaken to the first glorious signs of spring, the earth is embraced in a dreamy palette of delicate pinks and watery blues.

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When mixed with soft white and other pale neutrals, pastels like blush pink and chalky blue create a light, fresh and elegant design style.

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Those whispery shades of spring fragrantly blossom into the gorgeous greens of summer, and the landscape becomes a sea of sparkling emeralds reflected in the sun's sultry gaze.  

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The natural beauty of green blends harmoniously with warm, earthy tones.  Together, they provide a feeling of calm energy and a tactile, organic sense of style. 

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And as the sultry days of summer gracefully flow into the glorious splendor of fall, nature explodes in a flaming display of vibrant red and gold.

Alluring scarlet tones and rich, lustrous gold create a warm and inviting atmosphere,  effectively emulating the luxurious radiance of a cozy fire.  

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Until autumn graciously bows beneath winter's glistening white cloak, and the world becomes enveloped in a heavenly, ethereal glow.

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Cool white and icy blue provide instant glamor, and enhance the flawless nature of a chic and sophisticated design scheme.

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The seasons are a kaleidoscope of magnificent colour patiently waiting to be captured and rediscovered inside the walls of your home.

Which of these four inspiring palettes appeals to your natural sense of style?

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