Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interiors Inspired by the Elements of Nature

Earth.  Water.  Wind.  Fire.
I stand 
Enthralled by the unrivaled perfection,
Humbled by the awesome power,
Inspired by the exquisite beauty...
Of this planet we call home.
                                                       ~ Wendi

  Earth:  Its ruggedly handsome texture, harmonious hues and time-worn warmth embrace our interior world with its strong and solid grasp, quietly revealing its depth and character.

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(Habersham Interiors)
(Dan Carithers)

Water:  Placid and peaceful perfection in shimmering shades of blue loveliness, its sense of eternal solace envelops our surroundings in a seductive cloak of luminous serenity.

(via House Beautiful)
(Mabley Handler)
(via House Beautiful)

Wind:  Ethereal white light swirling amidst the infinitesimal aura of sultry silver, its heavenly hues imbue our homes with a lyrical and awe-inspiring elegance.    

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Fire:  The amber silhouette of liquid lightening reflects the amorous rapture of its spellbinding dance, deliciously wrapping our spaces in rich and lustrous warmth.

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(via Better Homes and Gardens)
(Jane Hall Design)

The ancient majesty of wood and stone... the seductive mystery of our sparkling seas... the hushed melody of a stormy sky... the alluring magic of heaven's starlight... the world surrounds us with infinite and awesome inspiration.

Search no further than the exquisite elements of nature to create your very own unique and beautiful sense of style.


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