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Retro mod style decorating ideas - mid century mod style decorating ideas - Modern Retro

All things lovely from the 1930s to the 1970s. 

"Modern Retro will inspire you to create a stylish, individual home that combines modern classics with thrift-store finds and the best of contemporary design."

Past and present can sit stylishly together - a 1930's Aalto stacking stool with Eames chairs from the 1950's, a modern chain-store sofa with a 1970's glass top table - allowing you to make the most of the gloriously eclectic forms, colors, and patterns available." 

Providing great seating comfort, the solid but elegant appearance of this Modern chair owns a unique visual character. An appealing focal point in any modern surrounding, this chair is a great addition to your home decor.


This contemporary Barmere burnt oak writing office desk features slim, angled legs in a stylish nod to iconic mid-century design. The desk also provides plenty of storage for writing necessities with two deep storage drawers. The desk also features a multi-step finish, giving each desk a unique appearance. The beautiful desk fits well in any home office, bedroom, or other work area. The iconic design of this desk blends uniquely in homes with any style of decor.


 Brighten up any living space with the Canopy mini pendant, featuring an elegant wood shade design. This effulgent fixture delights with a stunning finish and a contemporary, single-light design.

Take the 1950’s look - complete with collector's pieces - and mixing and matching it with elements from other eras.


Mid-Century Modern Living Room - more pictures here

Bring back the 60s with a mod style retro look mixed with a touch of funky modern. Using loud and eye-catching wallpaper patterns colors will get you on the right track!



Accessorize with colorful and fun decorative accents. Don't forget the quirky and odd-looking furniture!

Travel back in style with these funky Retro Egg chairs with their unconventional shape that resembles a space-age pod. The construction makes it perfect for sound isolation, and a comfortable area to sit and read. Its chamber-like shape and upholstered interior cancels out most outside noise, providing a unique environment for meditation, relaxation and just getting away from it all. Add fun shaped beaded curtains to complete the retro look.

Wall Flats™ from Inhabit® are lightweight dimensional wall tiles that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale three-dimensional walls of any size and shape. Molded from bagasse, one of the world's most renewable resources, they are durable, sustainable and biodegradable. They can be installed, trimmed and painted with commonly available products and tools. Scraps are biodegradable and can be recycled with other paper products or composted.

Metro mod style baby nursery

retro mod style nursery

Retro look wallpaper of the past updated for today's homes.

Like a flower blooming in the sun, the Photon ceiling lamp's aluminum petals blossom around a chrome body.

The seventies are back with this nod to the halcyon days of flared trousers and bold design.

Add a touch of nostalgia - come on .... who didn't have a boomerang shaped coffee table, be honest.

Mid-century modern furniture refuses to fade into the obscurity of the past

In recent years, mid-20th-century modern furniture, ceramics, glass, and textiles have become hugely popular among people who appreciate the stylish contribution that these pieces make to today's home.

Modern Retro will inspire you to create a look that combines classics by such visionaries as the Eameses, Bertoia, and Aalto with thrift-store finds and the best contemporary design.

Combining the clean, unadorned lines of the International Modernists with organic and geometric forms, the Catalina Collection is suggestive of the works of America’s Mid-Century Modern designers. All pieces are crafted in solid American black walnut or maple hardwood. 

Add a little contemporary glamour with a touch of retro lighting. 
Modern Retro is not about slavishly recreating a period feel - but instead taking the best designs of the 1920s through the 1970s and use them throughout your home in a relaxed and individual way. 

Past and present can sit stylishly together - allowing you to make the most of the gloriously eclectic forms, colors, and patterns available.

Crazy mix of patterns, shapes and colors with a twist of quirkiness

The clean, cool lines of modern architecture was a direct rebuttal to the neoclassical styles that came before. Rooms flowed into one another and often included floor-to-ceiling glass walls to open the house to the natural world. "The new structures placed emphasis on efficiency and function, as well as informality and comfort," says author Lisa Skolnik. Inside, bold, spare furnishings like low-slung sofas and ovoid glass coffee tables were arranged with minimum clutter and often featured built-in furniture to keep the space open and airy. Clocks, lamps, and glassware took on asymmetrical and free-form shapes; most popularly, kidneys, amoebas, and boomerangs. That lime-green Egg chair of grandma's - which you thought hideous as a child - would now be snapped up in a second by a savvy collector.

cool cats and chicks 

Living Retro style 

retro - yet modern with a splash of rainbow color

representing all things Mid-century Modern - a.k.a. super hot right now - this colorful planter not only looks terrific out on the patio or deck, but also inside. It's perfect for holding magazines and whatnot in any living space, or place it on a shelf for a little flair on its own.

The conical bowl shape is how this planter originally got its name in the 1950s, as it resembles a little bullet or space ship ready for take-off. Back then fiberglass had burst onto the scene in decor products and just about everything else, so this planter, in true homage to its predecessor, is crafted of fiberglass, too, in a wide range of colors. You'll love it - and you'll love a few of them even more. Consider a trio in different colors! Super swanky.

In the Seventies disco was king! The sideburns of John Travolta made young girls hearts beating faster. Bell-bottom jeans were hot and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was still allowed to eat Cookies.

groovy baby - All You Need Is Love 

Nothin' like a little love and peace!

 Decorate with Peace Signs

Feelin' funky? Add some REAL.BIG. peace into your life with these peace sign wall graphics available from FATHEAD WALL GRAPHICS

50s style decorating ideas

Cherish the traditional, honor the antique, and invite fun and color into your retro mid century themed home

Choose from the arty bohemia of the 1910s, the chic 20s of the flappers, the elegant Art Deco styles of the 30s and 40s, or the modernism of the 50s. Those who prefer a more modern look can choose between the dazzling Pop Art of the 60s, the penthouse cosmopolitan 70s, the Post-modern eclectic 80s, or 90s loft living. Whatever your style, make it your own.

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