Friday, October 7, 2011

Bringing Home the Gold in Interior Design

Although temporarily overshadowed by a period of silver, chrome and nickel, GOLD has made a triumphant comeback in the design world.

The cultured and regal aesthetic of this vibrant precious metal has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal.

Decor pieces in rich gold are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and appear luminous in the soft glow of diffused, natural light.
via Delicious Decor

A handsome grasscloth wall treatment in a brushed metallic-gold finish looks stunning in a sleek and tailored dining room.
via Decor Pad

Gilded furniture is undeniably opulent, and adds a majestic quality to a romantically designed bedroom.
via Canadian House and Home

A sophisticated living room dressed in shades of tan and grey is enhanced by subtle hints of shimmery gold.
via Better Homes and Gardens

The tempered radiance of antique gold is the perfect complement to a silvery blue colour scheme, and contrasts beautifully with cool metal accessories. 
via Design Muse

An elegant and stately living room becomes warm and inviting when enveloped in the soft tones of burnished gold.
via Best Interior Design

Choosing a vibrant gold as the dominant colour in a space makes a decidedly bold and dynamic design statement.
via Design Buzz

A study in negative space, creatively displayed gold accessories look striking when layered over the unassuming simplicity of a pure white backdrop.  
via Decor Pad

The combination of dark, sultry grey and brushed gold creates an air of refined elegance in a handsome and well appointed bathroom.
via Canadian House and Home

Small touches of reflective crystal and gold amplify the chic and glamorous style of a regency inspired bedroom. 
via Vanessa and Valentine

A gorgeous mix of rich chocolate, deep amethyst and decadent gold creates a sinfully luxurious colour palette.
Stacey Smithers via Canadian House and Home

Warm metals and gold toned fabrics act as a third neutral in a black and white room, and add a feeling of rich sophistication.
via Home Edit
Whether gold is incorporated into a design scheme through paint, wallpaper, fabric or accessories, the effect is always rich, warm and timeless.

Are you ready to bring home the GOLD?

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