Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jewel Tones: Decorating with Emerald Green

(via Decor Pad)

The velvety green peaks of the poetic Emerald Isle
glistening beneath a sun kissed sky

Inspire me to reflect its jewel toned perfection
in the interior landscape of my home...

(Ireland's Emerald Isle)

Amidst the shimmering folds of serenely elegant drapery...

(via Verandah Magazine)

Or through a striking and dramatic accent piece...

(via Repurposed-Life-Designs)

With an unexpected splash of emerald brilliance in a single cushion...

(via 10-Rooms)

Or wrapped around the walls and ceiling in luxurious splendor...

(via Bedroom Interior Design)

As sparkling gems scattered upon a black and white backdrop...

(via House Beautiful)

Or cleverly showcased against a playful and energetic pattern...

(via Marcus-Design)

As part of a nature-inspired palette with other equally gorgeous shades of green...

(via Pinterest)

Or lyrically dancing across the walls in a romantic flourish of flora and fauna.

(via Elle Decor)

A precious treasure to behold,
the breathtaking landscape of Northern Ireland offers endless inspiration...

(The Coast of Northern Ireland)

...For painting the canvas of your own home
with the beauty and brilliance
of gorgeous EMERALD GREEN.


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