Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ideas for Decorating with Beautiful Bird Motifs

(via Conspicuous Style)

Bird Motifs add a beautiful, nature-inspired element to a home's interior.  They lend themselves to a variety of design styles, and are easy to incorporate into an existing decorating scheme...

with striking accessories,
(via Decorpad)
(via Four-Walls-and-a-Room)

light and lovely fabrics and linens,
(via Dwell Studio)
(via Avanti Linens)
(via Really-Linda-Baker)

artistic prints and delicate wall decals,
(via My New Edition)
(via Casa-Sugar)

elegant dishware and china patterns,
(via Vietri)
(via Garden-City.Patch)

charming, decorative birdcages...
(via Elle Decor)
(via Pics-Decor)
(via Decorpad)

or stunning, chinoiserie wallpaper.
(via Atlanta Mag)
(via The Lennox)

If you're a bird lover like I am, decorating with Bird Motifs is a wonderful way to have your home reflect your own unique and beautiful sense of style!


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