Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Organization: Creative Craft Room Storage

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When I originally created the floor plan for finishing our basement, I designed a small area that was to eventually become my craft room/art studio.

However, as the lower level now nears completion, it seems that our home gym has magically expanded and my craft space has somehow disappeared.

While planning for my future (now imaginary) project room, I created an inspiration file of clever and creative ways to organize craft and sewing supplies.

Hang a small tension rod from hooks to neatly store paper products...
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Sort like-items in mini organizers for easy access...
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Store larger items in labelled file boxes and pretty baskets...
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Organize ribbon spools on wooden dowels...
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Or in a rubber bin like the one shown below... 
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These stamps are stored in a louvered wall vent... how clever!
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Portable file folders are also ideal for organizing craft paper.
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Spray paint an egg carton to store all of those little bits and baubles...
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My project room might have looked something like this...
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Or this...peg boards are perfect for keeping supplies close at hand...
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Or this...make the most of vertical space by installing small shelves and cubbies.
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For now, I'll be storing my craft and art supplies in a closet, and using a folding table as my work station.  Where there's a will, there's a way!
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I hope these craft storage ideas help you organize a space where you're free to happily express your creative side!

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