Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Organization: Beautiful Bathroom Storage

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Having an Organized Bathroom is essential to morning harmony. Here's some pretty and practical ideas for storing all of those daily necessities.

Install hooks for robes and bath towels. They take up less space and are more convenient than a towel rod.  Glass cylinders are ideal for storing soaps, cotton balls and other small toiletry items.
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Display and store extra towels on an antique ladder to add instant character to your bathroom, or drape magazines over the rungs to create an instant reading rack. 
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Trays with multiple compartments are perfect for organizing make-up and nail care products.  They can be easily stored away in a drawer or under the sink to help keep your bathroom counter clutter-free. 
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Designate a drawer for your husband's shaving products and toiletries. Clear, acrylic containers keep items accessible and looking tidy.
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Store items that you use on a daily basis in shallow baskets and tuck them away in a top drawer.  If space allows, display your prettiest perfume bottles on a small tray to enjoy every time you walk in the bathroom.
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Try this clever solution for housing curling irons, blow dryers and brushes, or store hair supplies in tall canisters inside your bathroom vanity.
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Use tiny shelves, containers and hooks inside your medicine chest to keep the space neat and orderly.  Add wallpaper to the back of the cabinet for a little extra decorating flair.
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Install custom glass-front cabinetry to house luxurious bath products, and add a coffee station and under counter fridge to complement your early morning routine...  ahhhh, a girl can always dream!
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I hope these storage ideas will help you to create a Beautiful and Organized Bathroom in your own home!


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