Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Organization: Smart Kitchen Storage

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Here are some Smart and Simple Solutions for maximizing storage space in the KITCHEN.

Hang a magnetic plate inside a cupboard door for holding mini spice canisters...
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Or install a shallow spice rack to expand available storage space.
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Organize spices in a drawer adjacent to the stove for easy access when cooking.
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Store dried goods in labelled, airtight containers to extend their shelf life.
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Small, wood strips and cup hooks keep measuring spoons close at hand.
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Store kitchen supplies in attractive baskets to keep your pantry looking neat and tidy.
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Carousels are ideal for storing canned goods, and keep items within easy reach.
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Install a shelving unit on the inside of a pantry door to store smaller food items. 
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Keep food containers in order by neatly storing lids in these clever sorting racks.
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Create additional storage by installing drawers in the toe kicks below your cupboards. 
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Build a shallow cabinet with cross bars for organizing bulky pot lids.
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Use metal dividers for storing frying pans inside deep drawers or cupboards.
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Store large trays and cutting boards with the help of inexpensive tension rods.
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A peg board creates an instant message center and makes use of precious space.
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I hope these smart and simple storage ideas help you conquer the clutter, and perfectly organize the Heart of Your Home!


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